Hack WiFi Password, Top 7 WiFi Hacker Software [Tested]

Hack WiFi Password, Top 7 WiFi Hacker Software [Tested]

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Have you ever been in a situation wherever there’s Wi-Fi but you cannot access the internet because you don’t have the security code or password for the network? It may be terribly frustrating to have a wifi so close and you can not use it. You may think of doing something about it instantly. If you somehow hack the network, it might feel nearly like a big soft hug. But, here is the excellent news. There’s the simplest way to try to hack wifi with a Wi-Fi Hacker software. This software package can tell you the way to hack a Wireless Route’s password only using cmd. It functions on Android devices (mobiles and tablets), laptops, and Windows computer. What is amazing is the undeniable fact that these wifi hacker tools can easily be downloaded. That’s right; you’ll get all the wifi as much as you wish while not paying a single dime  for it.

This software package can tell you the way to hack a Wireless Route’s password only using cmd. It functions on Android devices (mobiles and tablets), laptops, and Windows computer. What is amazing is the undeniable fact that these wifi hacker tools can easily be downloaded. That’s right; you’ll get all the wifi as much as you wish while not paying a single dime  for it.

There are some ways through which one can hack Wi-Fi passwords and hack codes. Though some of them actually require skills and technique, but there are some that don’t. Wi-Fi hacking is not legal anywhere but if you wish to test the abilities and security of your own network then I have brought something for you. With this wifi hacker solution, you can certainly hack most of the Wi-Fi networks with ease like never before. The methods are as follows:

  • Brute Force Attack is the most simple and easy way to hack wifi passwords. But unfortunately, it only works where there are weak passwords used. But when it comes to strong passwords, this method may fail, or it may take years to crack that wifi password. What brute force actually does is tries to guess the password multiple times unless it gets the right one.
  • WPS Bypass Security is another one of the simple and easiest ways to hack password protected wifi. It does not require passwords. It directly passes through the wifi network without a password. Though it is easy and straightforward, still many of the routers may not support it.
  • The third and mostly working way is to hack wifi password via a wifi hacker tool that is specially designed for this work. You can download and use any of the following top 7 wifi hacker tools of all time.
In this detailed post, you will learn about how you can,
  • Get a free wifi hacker online with no download.
  • List of best free wifi password hacker  softwares.
  • Best wifi password hacking software (Our recommendation).
  • Links to free download wifi password hacker for pc (Any OS).
  • WiFi password hack v5 download (direct link)
  • Learn about how to bypass any wifi password.
  • How to crack a secured wifi network in your area.
  • Best wifi hacker app for pc (Both windows and mac).
  • Learn tricks onn how to easily hack into wifi networks easily.
  • Hack wireless network security key via simple tools.
  • Use the wifi unlocker software.
  • Learn cracking wpa2 with kali linux easily.
  • Learn hacking wpa2 wireless networks with small tricks.
  • How to get into someone’s wifi and use it as your own.
  • To find my wifi password  if i have lost it.
  • List of top programs that hack wireless networks.

Top 7 Wifi Hacker Software:

To hack a WiFi very efficiently and directly, one must take some help from automatic and mechanical fast and reliable tool known as a wifi hacker. Here we provide you with a list and complete details of the top 7 hacking tools for wifi and how can they be used to hack any Wi-Fi password very quickly and directly.

1- Fern WiFi Wireless Cracker?


Fern Wifi Cracker is a software to attack any wireless local area network. It is also a security auditing tool which is written by using Python Qt graphical user interface and programming language Python. This wifi hacking tool can execute network based attacks on multiple wireless networks or the Ethernet. This amazing tool has the ability to crack and recover WEP/WPS/WPA keys too.

Key Features of Fern Wifi Cracker

  • Fern free wifi cracker is completely free of cost to use.
  • It works in the operating systems of Kali Linux.

This software really helps in assistance of network security to enable the user to discover and view network traffic and hence it can identify the network discovery data plus hosts. With its data server features, it will allow you in making your server stronger than ever, and it will also help in the detection of the defects and vulnerabilities of a wifi network even before their exploitation.

2-Inssider WiFi Hacker?


Inssider is a tool which scans wireless local area networks or Ethernet. It was primarily designed to overpower and overcome the limits of another software known as NetStumbler. Inssider wifi hack tool is able to easily track the strength of signals along with opening the wireless access points and also it can save the logs with the records of GPS.

Key Features of Inssider WiFi Hack Tool

  • Previously Inssider was free of cost, but now it is a paid tool.
  • You have to pay for it to use it.
  • Inssider wifi hacker has the compatibility to work on both Apple and Windows operating systems.

How it works?

Inssider wifi cracker can gather all the info and data from the wireless cards and the software. It also assists in the selection of the best available wireless channel to hack. It has the ability to provide very useful information like MAC, vendor, SSID, signal strength, security and data rate as well. This wifi hacker tool will also be showing you the graphs of the signal strength as well as indicating the overlapping of wireless network channels. It has the feature of GPS support too. It’s all data can be exported or shared as NetStumbler (. ns1) files.

3-Kismac WiFi Password Finder?


KisMAC password finder could be a wireless network discovery hacking tool. Even though the codebase is completely different, this popular wireless stumbler provides many of the options of its namesake kismac. This tool offered an attractive graphical user interface and was around even before Kismet was ported to Macintosh OS X. It additionally provides mapping, logging, and Pcap-format import.

Kismac Features

The utilization of this product is absolutely free.

The only downside is that this wifi password hacking tool is solely for Macintosh OS X.

How does Kismac Work?

KisMAC wifi hacker has several uses that are all indeed the exact same as of Kismet (that is the Linux/ BSD version of this hacking tool). This code helps network cyber security professionals and is shipped under Gnu General Public License laws. KisMAC wireless password finder scans many different networks passively from some supported wifi cards. It also used Apple’s Airport as well as Airport Extreme and lots of third-party cards supported by Apple Macintosh. Cracking of WEP and WPA keys, each by brute force, and exploiting flaws like weak programming and poorly generated keys is supported. GPS mapping will be performed once an NMEA compatible GPS receiver is connected by it.

4-Metasploit Penetration Testing Framework


In 2003, HD Moore, (an Internet security researcher and developer of the US program) started the Metasploit project with the intention of creating a public resource freely accessible and usable to get the basic source code for the research purposes. The Metasploit Project is credited with the creation of the Metasploit Framework, which became an open-source exploit framework used for penetration testing of computer security and research.

In 2009, Metasploit was acquired by Rapid7 but was still managed by HD until 2013 when he handed the leadership of the Metasploit department to expand Rapid7 research capabilities. In early 2016 HD Rapid7 left for a new business. Like other top wifi hacking tools mentioned on the web, it is a tool that is a “must learn” for a network safety. The Metasploit Framework provides data on security vulnerabilities and helps the signature development of IDS, and testing the penetration.

This tool has been coded directly by using Ruby on the rails. If you are new to Metasploit wifi password finder or you are a beginner in it’s framework, then you can take this tool as a “Vulnerability Exploitation Tool.”

Is Metasploit free?

This question is commonly asked by many people and the answer for it is Yes and no. You can download The Metasploit Framework from this page as well. As we know that the tool was acquired by Rapid7, there are two basic exclusive editions called Metasploit Pro and Metasploit Express. If you are new to pen testing and looking to get started in cyber security, then we would encourage you to start with the Metasploit Framework because you will definitely learn a lot.

The difference between Metasploit and Metasploit Framework Pro?

While Metasploit Framework is free, its functionality is basic. Pentesters is for professional security researchers, and ethical hackers would probably prefer to use Metasploit Pro that is the full security solution for safety programs and advanced penetration testing for SMEs and enterprise level organizations. For in-depth security audit, Metasploit Pro would be used.

Metasploit WiFi Cracking tool can be classified in many ways, but we here in a concise place like this tool, or perhaps better said, “Framework” as a vulnerability Exploitation Tool. The Vulnerability Exploitation Tools in it are mainly used to find out if an attacker could find overflow weakness to install malicious software or to discover design flaws and operation of the core network system. Metasploit runs on the basic principles of the Unix (including Linux and Mac OS X) and Windows, and the Metasploit. The Framework was translated into verbose for dozens of languages.

Typical uses for Metasploit?

As a summary, there are 5 uses, or “steps” that pentester or ethical hacker would use Metasploit for. They are:

  • Step 1: Choosing and configuring an operating code
    This step requires the professional to select a code to penetrate a given target system by taking advantage of a “vulnerability” which are inherently embedded in the target area or network. Metasploit can draw exploits up to 1,000 that too for Windows, Linux/ Unix, and Mac OS X systems
  • Step 2: Verify the target
    This step allows the attacker to discover more accurately if the target is penetrable with the choice to use. If not, then choose another!
  • Step 3: You have to select and configure a payload to send it to the target.
    This could include, for example, a remote shell or a VNC server.
  • Step 4: Get around IDS / IPS (Intrusion detection system)
    This step is using Metasploit to encode and encrypt the attack to get essential “under the radar.”
  • Step 5: Run the feat on it.
    This is the last step and is all about the last and real hack that can be pwn a box or network and/or be able to delete data or deface a Web site (for example).

5-Netstumbler Wifi Hack Tool


Netstumbler hacker tool for wifi is a high quality and a well known hacking software for Windows. They also distributed a version of WinCE created for PDA and named MiniStumbler. Netstumbler wifi hacker will use a much more active approach finding WAPs than other tools. The last time we checked NetStumbler wifi cracker software appeared not to have been updated but we could be wrong. Please check for that from their official site.

NetStumbler WiFi Password Cracker Features:

  • This tool is 100% free to use, but you will not get any source code for it.
  • Netstumbler is only a Windows based hacking tool.?

Netstumbler is very commonly used to Wardriving. Find wrong places WLAN coverage, Verification of network configurations, Helps detect causes of wireless interference, Identifies unauthorized access points and directional antennas for WLAN for long-haul routes.



Wifiphisher is a hacking tool that can run fast automated phishing attacks against wireless networks/wifi to discover the password. The difference with this tool is that it starts a social engineering attack that is an entirely different way from being able to hack wifi networks.

  • This tool is totally free.
  • It runs on Linux operating systems, Kali.

Uses of Wifiphisher WiFi Password Finder?

  • Wifiphisher is used to hack WiFi password without having to break it. This tool takes the following actions:
  • User Wifiphisher authenticates legitimate AP.
  • It then allows the user to authenticate with your own twin.
  • It will provide the user Web page on a proxy that notifies them that an update of the firmware has taken place and ask them to verify again.
  • The wifi password is passed to the attacker while the user will continue to browse the web not knowing what happened.

Hack wifi from an Android phone [No Root Required]:

  • First you need to install one of these applications WPS WiFi WPA TEST your Android 1. First (recommended).
  • Now simply run the application from the app drawer and see app will start scanning all wireless networks around you.
  • You will see a list of wireless networks that the application found. Now one thing you do here is to check the color of the lock to the right, if the lock is green means that the wifi is hackable and if red, then it’s not.
  • When you get the network with a green lock sign, then simply tap the network.
  • Now contextual information appears and clicks on the connection option.
  • On the next pop-up, you will have two or No option root. Now just select the NO ROOT method there.
  • The next window you will see will be of the list of Pin that will help to enter the wireless net, choose one of them and the Connect option (root).
  • The Pine attack will start at this point, and it will take a few seconds to complete.
  • If the PIN entry is running successfully, you will see the network password.
  • Just copy that and then connect to the network.
  • If the pin does not work, you will see an error message and at that point you need to try other PINs, and I’m sure one of them will definitely work for you.
  • You can also download WPSPIN, Jumpstart, WinPCap and much more. These will help to crack WPA WPS only.

WiFiSlax WiFi Hacking Tool [Update 10/01/2016]

Other Wi-Fi cracking softwares usually work well on WEB or WPA security. Wifislax is different because it can attack WPA2 by different methods. In this post, I will present Linset, which will make the target users to disconnect WiFi network first, and then will force them to connect to a WiFi network that is a fake one but with the exact same name. The software saves the password entered by those users. It takes minutes or even hours to get the result.

However, Wifi Hacker tools are free to download, and the using methods are also simple to do in the given steps. Just be calm, and you will get it done.

  • Prepare a 4GB USB.
  • Download Rufus.
  • Download Wifislax 4.11.ISO (This is by far the latest version).
  • Run Rufus to create a Bootable USB for Wifislax.
  • Making bootable USB with WifislaxHack WiFi using Rufus.
  • Hack WiFi using wifislax 4.11 for Mac OS X and Windows.

Using a bootable USB, we can start wifislax on Mac or Windows PC. A Mac, after pressing the power button, just keep holding the Option key to access the boot menu.

For a windows laptop, try following steps.

  • Turn off the laptop.
  • Plug the USB drive into the usb port.
  • Boot from the USB port.
  • You will be able to see Wifislax on your screen. select the third line to go to English menus.
  • Select the third line to go to English menus.Start by wifislax USB
  • Start by wifislax USBRun wifislax by selecting the top 1
  • Run wifislax by selecting the top 1st line named “wifislax OS”
  • Select Wifislax With KDE
  • Wait a few seconds to go to Wifislax desktop

There are ways to crack Wi-Fi networks using wifislax Wpa Linset and Entrée.

In the following steps I will do it with Linset:

  • Start WiFiSlax WPA Linset.
  • On this step, WiFi cards will show up. Enter the serial number of the card (if you have more than one Wi-Fi card). I entered one.
  • Enter 1 for a list of available WiFi networks.
  • Go to the list of Wifi Network
  • The list of wireless networks around you appears, press Ctrl + C to stop scanning more.
  • Select the WiFi targeted by entering the order number.
  • Select hosted by entering 1.
  • Enter 1 to select Estate.
  • Enter 1 to select Realizar default. Massiva al AP objective
  • In this step, the choice of 4 return the WiFi list, and choosing 5 will end the program.
  • The airodump-ng will appear and catch WPA handshake from it. If in this step, WPA handshake can not be done, return to step 10 and chose another number.
  • Enter 1 to select the moutra web interface.
  • Choose a language by entering the corresponding number, then take sleep to see the result soon. Linset will now make laptops or smartphones that connect to target Wi-Fi network, and then generate a fake Wi-Fi network to ask them to join.
  • Linset will now make laptops or smartphones that connect to target Wi-Fi network, and then generate a fake Wi-Fi network to ask them to join. You will get to know the real password for that network and use it as you wish.

The target user will see the two WiFi networks in the same name. They tend to enter the password to connect to attempt both real and false WiFi network. Linset automatically grabs the password information entered by the customer. After this, we should now know which wireless cracking tool is the most powerful to hack wifi.

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