Yamicsoft Windows 10 manager 1.0.5 Full Version

Yamicsoft Windows 10 manager 1.0.5 Full Version

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Yamicsoft Windows 10 manager 1.0.5 Full Free Download

Yamicsoft Windows 10 manager 1.0.5 Full Version

Yamicsoft windows 10 manager is a free tool brought to you by our team by which you can activate your windows 10 to full version. No need for keygen or crack to activate your windows 10 anymore. You can just use a manager called as windows 10 manager by yamicsoft to do the trick. Having this tool in your arsenal, You don’t have to worry about limited functions of your windows 10.

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Windows 10 Manager by Yamicsoft is an all in one solution for many windows 10 problems and tasks. These tasks may be of managing, cleaning, optimizing and making it fully functional. This utility helps you to improve and optimize your system’s performance and speed just by the single time use of it.

Features of Windows 10 Manager:

  • You can see all of the information you need to know via this tool in just a single click of your mouse button. You can see your software as well as hardware capabilities and properties. You can even see the running processes in the background of windows 10. You can either terminate them or start new ones from windows 10 manager easily.
  • You can now cleanup your system’s memory by terminating or removing/stopping the unnecessary processes running. So it helps you to do a thorough cleanup for freeing your memory or RAM, making your system more reliable and super fast.
  • You can now select your own choice of apps and startup programs to run when ever you are logged into your windows or start it. You can select which ones should start automatically or which ones should not. Just select ones you wanna run at startup and ignore other ones.
  • Despite of freeing your RAM, you can also do a thorough cleanup of your hard disk space by removing unnecessary files and folders, cache of running programs, or temporary files saved on your hard drive with just a single click. This feature helps you always stay top notch with with your hard drive and use its space more efficiently without wasting it.
  • You can now change the overall look of your windows 10 by making visual adjustments with the help of windows 10 manager. You can either change your overall theme, template or skin as well as the icons, desktop features, slideshows, system tray icons, color schemes and many more. All this customization can be done through the yamicsoft windows 10 manager.
  • Windows 10 manager by yamicsoft also improves your system’s security by making you able to recover the accidently deleted files from your important folders and directories. It can also help you restore your lost passwords, can change and optimize the logon screen in a more efficient way. You can also change the way you wanna login your windows with. All these cool apps in just a single utility.
  • And many more that we cant cover in this single small post.


Yamicsoft Windows 10 manager 1.0.5 Full Version Free

Yamicsoft Windows 10 manager 1.0.5 Full Version Download

How to use?

  • Download the file from link given below.
  • Extract the archive you have just downloaded.
  • If it asks for a password to extract, Open the archive and double click on the file named “Click here for Password.url” and you will be redirected to a page showing you the password for the file.
  • Put this password on file to extract it on your desktop.
  • Double click on the YamicSoft Windows 10 manager and use it from the visual user interface.
  • It has a very simple yet powerful system user interface on which user with no prior experience can also get a grip.
  • Just do what you wanna do, Play with the features and get a grip on everything by checking through different tools and apps.
  • If you need any help regarding installation or use of YamicSoft windows 10 manager, we are always here to help. Just leave a comment via comment form given below and we will be back to you in almost no time. Thank You

Yamicsoft Windows 10 manager 1.0.5 Full Keygen incl Free Download from link given below.

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